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Vending at the University of Minnesota

With over 480 vending machines located in over 120 buildings on just the Twin Cities campus alone, you are never very far from a refreshing Coca-Cola product, a candy bar or other snack!

View Interactive Maps for Vending Machines on Minneapolis and St. Paul Campuses

New! Kosher and Gluten-Free Product Information:

Click Link for More Information: Kosher Products Gluten-Free Products.

Refund and Vending Machine Feedback:

If you have lost money in a vending machine (or simply want to provide feedback on a vending machine), please make a note of the machine number and location (i.e. building and floor/room number where the machine is located) and call (612) 624-7000 or email us at

If you are having issues using Gopher Gold on your U Card, please contact the U Card Office at (612) 626-9900.

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Our Commitment to the Environment

Vending Services is committed to being environmentally friendly and has taken steps to reduce the University's carbon footprint. Beverage vending machines are equipped with energy efficient features such as Econo-Cool Technology that save up to 50% on energy consumption. These venders meet or exceed Energy Star requirements by utilizing new lighting, new evaporator fan/motor technology and new lower demand cooling systems. During non-peak building operating hours, machines go into standby mode, reducing the holding temperature which in turn reduces refrigeration cycles. The University also uses beverage and food vending machines with T-8 lighting, motion sensing technology, which shuts off lights when nobody is around the machine, and LED lighting, which reduces heat generated by conventional lighting as well as lowers energy consumption.

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